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  2. Nades

    cooking greatly enhances the tactical function of grenades they are pretty pointless without it
  3. Nades

    negative votes is a bit extreme lol but it happens round these parts alot, probably for this comment too lol, but i will say i disagree with you i hate nade cooking lol
  4. Nades

  5. Game's Dead guys..

    Far from it kid, i gave up playing Battalion because as much as i wanted to like the game it's just so bad atm so i'm in agreement with you to a degree but you got to give the Dev's some time to fix stuff.
  6. Video from @BattleNonSense
  7. Game's Dead guys..

    "issues" - polite way to put it
  8. Today
  9. Always looking for more members! Join us to have some fun!
  10. Game's Dead guys..

    LMAO this indie dev team has released game in EA for not even a month and there are still issues 😂😂, devs are such noobs I could fix all crashes with a single if statement.
  11. Game's Dead guys..

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you are delusional. Let me remind you of few things: - They didn't notice during the 2 years (or more) of development stage that card system won't work (LOL). - They didn't think the game needs VOIP system and ranked system from the beginning. -They couldn't fix the VOIP system eversince they added it --- first: you couldn't see whos talking and the quality sucks --- second:they made a hud for it, but you can only see it on 16:9 :DDDD but the sound quality still bad - They didn't notice during the development stage that weaponbalance is fucked up - They can't fix crashes eversince they pushed to EA - The whole game is a 13gb .pak file :DDDDDDDD - and this list could be endless These guys have NO idea what they are doing, probably watching youtube videos with notepad open and using google "basic pascal"
  12. Nades

    We should be able to "cook" grenades, meaning the count down to explosion starts once you pull to throw, not after its thrown and landed.
  13. Game's Dead guys..

    I think the game developers should be more worried about the decline in players than us. I'm sure the guys know what they are doing. They have given themselves a year to sort the game out but the only question is at the current rate of decline in players do they have a year's worth of players left? There's an update soon and hopefully a lot of issues will be addressed in that.
  14. Game's Dead guys..

    1,1k friday 8pm cet hi @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON
  15. The LAN announced - questions

    Thanks, got all the answers I was looking for. Was looking for a FAQ section there, didn't find it earlier ^^
  16. AMBITIONS Nous avons pour objectif de crĂ©er une communautĂ© soudĂ©e, qui partage cette mĂȘme passion du jeu vidĂ©o et qui prend plaisir Ă  jouer dans l'entente, la bonne humeur aussi bien pour le fun que pour la compĂ©tition. Nous voulons faire une Ă©quipe stable, organisĂ©e et basĂ©e sur une bonne ambiance et un bon esprit tout en ne perdant pas de vue le haut niveau afin de se faire une place au sein de la communautĂ© compĂ©titive de Battalion 1944. DESCRIPTION Notre ambition consiste Ă  dĂ©velopper une communautĂ© partageant la mĂȘme passion du jeu "Battalion 1944" dans la joie et la bonne humeur sans pour autant nĂ©gliger l'esprit d'Ă©quipe, de combativitĂ© et de sĂ©rieux durant les Ă©vĂ©nements compĂ©titifs. Nous jouons avec des membres motivĂ©s et actifs aux profils variĂ©s avec comme seul mot d'ordre : LE JEU EN EQUIPE ! CONDITIONS +18 ans seulement Micro Casque Etre Mature Non sĂ©rieux s'abstenir Rage = OFF RECRUTEMENTS Nous sommes Ă  la recherche de 2 a 3 membres motivĂ©s et actifs ! Notre Serveur Burn.G Battalion 1944 (public/privĂ©) disponible : Voici les liens vous permettant de postuler :http://burn-gaming.fr/ puis utiliser l'onglet "Contact" Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre contactez-nous directement via le forum, par mail ou par message privĂ© via le site. Voiçi les liens vous permettant de nous contacter :Via Steam :http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003670214/http://steamcommunity.com/id/mikayaa/Via Discord : https://discord.gg/ZVzrvYM Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre contactez-nous directement via le forum, par mail ou par message privĂ© via le site.N’hĂ©sitez plus, et rejoignez nous ! Cordialement, Burn.G Xyo responsable recrutement.
  17. Game's Dead guys..

    People following the forums and wanting the game to be good has a big difference with people actually liking the game. I think we all should be worried about the active players number decline.
  18. Thanx for the response guys :-). I see bought the Xbox version so can't see why I got a Steam code. Also wasn't clear in the emails I'm waiting another year. Big Tuna has reached out on the forums so I'm sure he'll clear things up 😀
  19. Game's Dead guys..

    you mean they finally realize that the huge part of the player base does not want strafing and shooting while jumping ? there would be nothing wrong with that and its not caving in,, its been realistic and giving the majority what they want to play and making a successful game that as an upbeat mode rather than this post that says the game is dead
  20. Succes met zoeken! Misschien een idee om aan te geven welke skill jullie ongeveer zijn en welke jullie zoeken?
  21. Game's Dead guys..

    Could not find a match today. After about 10 minutes of searching, I had seen enough. GG
  22. Hallo iedereen! JoinTheForce is op zoek naar spelers die Battalion competitief willen spelen . De speler moet zich op een normale volwassen manier kunnen gedragen. Lijkt het jou wat om 2-3 avonden in de week te oefenen? Zou je graag aan toernooien en lans meedoen? Vind je FPS-games leuk en wil je graag meer samenspelen met anderen? Zoek dan niet verder!De vereisten om lid te worden van het team zijn:* Voor het team dien je minimaal 18 jaar zijn. Uitzonderingen kunnen gemaakt worden. * Omdat Battalion een team game is, willen we een stabiel, gezellig en hecht team neerzetten. Wij zijn dus op zoek naar spelers die naast het prestatiegericht ook van gezelligheid houden en zich binnen het team thuis voelt. We hebben een hechte groep en we zoeken mensen die daar in passen. * Je moet een fatsoenlijke microfoon hebben en communicatief vaardig zijn.* Je moet beschikbaar zijn voor toernooien en LANs* Elke role wordt gezocht!* Je kan tegen opbouwende kritiek en hebt de mindset om je constant te verbeteren. Klinkt het bovenstaande jou goed in de oren en heb je zin om samen Battalion te spelen? Stuur dan een mail naar recruitment@jointheforce.netWat is JoinTheForce?JoinTheForce is een gamingcommmunity die instaat voor het verzorgen van online en offline evenementen. Wij zijn een professionele en actieve community met sportieve geest die zich op een stabiele en gezellige manier voornamelijk in gaming profileert.Vind ons op teamspeak: ts.jointheforce.netOnze kernwaarden zijn te vinden op de site.http://www.jointheforce.net/NL/over-jtf/huisregels
  23. Steam connection

    Yeah... but that's so lame... I would not expect that I have to find people like that in a steam game
  24. Steam connection

    remember their pic lol search their name and scroll though
  25. Steam connection

    Well, you dont have to use alt+tab, since the steam overlay is working, but I still can't figure out how to find people since usually a lot of players use the same nicknames.
  26. Steam connection

    i know i thought that but im sure they have some reason... maybe i slightly missheard and they just meant it wasnt coming in an update soon. i suppose its a bit awkward but we can always alt tab out and find the guy
  27. Changes that i think that will be good

    Well, 2005/2008 games are not oldschool to me... The card system is a core preference of the game. It makes the game more strategic. This is not cod2. If you want cod2 with better graphics, there's cod WWII.
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