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  2. Simple mini map, colours at nicknames

    Im pretty sure they will do it like you explained. shouldnt be such a big deal
  3. Very nice idea! Good luck!
  4. Today
  5. Thats not the issue, the issue is that it doesnt work, so when someone joins it puts them both on the same team automatically.
  6. Modifying .json files?

    Many servers are already running with modified .json files and as far as I know the devs don't have A problem with it.
  7. Nadetraining Mod

    Inside the server config files there are a couple lines of code about drawing grenade lines. It might be a sign the devs are working on something. There is also a batch in there regarding FFA mode
  8. Auto-Kick For Toxic trolls

    It's been established that the garbage spewing trolls are ruining the game experience. While there's not a lot that can be done on the Voip aspect at least countermeasures can be implemented in text chat. First racist offense auto-kick immediately, for instance. Also, a report function when dealing with a toxic player over voip (click player's name and click report for a selection of offenses that included a small log file automatically). Looking forward to playing this game!
  9. Weapon Pickup "Cooldown"

    This has already been covered. The 1 second suggestion is way too long but yeah some sort of cd would be nice.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Battalion1944 Netcode analyzed

    pretty much as expected tbh..... hope the updates ready on time. march 8th
  12. Battalion1944 Netcode analyzed

    Great video! Important fixes: Interpolation between two updates Lag Compensation If this two points can be fixed successfully... then this game will be good to go for competitive!
  13. Game's Dead guys..

    Player counts speak volumes, especially in this case since the decline was caused almost exclusively by the gameplay mechanics. Obviously if so many people wanted promod 2.0 there would've been still at least 10k daily peak players left from the initial 16k. However that's not the case and truth be told it's the very vocal minority wanting the game to be promod 2.0 while a much larger chunk of people who played and supported the game want something else. This has nothing to do with speed of bug fixes rather than taking a step back and thinking over if changing some mechanics is really that bad of an idea.
  14. Battalion1944 Netcode analyzed

    i'm not technical but i always watch Battle(non)sense vids and his analysis of this game looks positive. thanks for sharing.
  15. Game's Dead guys..

    You can't even choose the map you want to play on ranked. Manorhouse 4 times in a row and you want to delete this game. EDIT: 5th time now, 2 of which played yesterday. How does this shit picks maps?
  16. Nades

    cooking greatly enhances the tactical function of grenades they are pretty pointless without it
  17. Nades

    negative votes is a bit extreme lol but it happens round these parts alot, probably for this comment too lol, but i will say i disagree with you i hate nade cooking lol
  18. Nades

  19. Game's Dead guys..

    Far from it kid, i gave up playing Battalion because as much as i wanted to like the game it's just so bad atm so i'm in agreement with you to a degree but you got to give the Dev's some time to fix stuff.
  20. Video from @BattleNonSense
  21. Game's Dead guys..

    "issues" - polite way to put it
  22. Always looking for more members! Join us to have some fun!
  23. Game's Dead guys..

    LMAO this indie dev team has released game in EA for not even a month and there are still issues 😂😂, devs are such noobs I could fix all crashes with a single if statement.
  24. Game's Dead guys..

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you are delusional. Let me remind you of few things: - They didn't notice during the 2 years (or more) of development stage that card system won't work (LOL). - They didn't think the game needs VOIP system and ranked system from the beginning. -They couldn't fix the VOIP system eversince they added it --- first: you couldn't see whos talking and the quality sucks --- second:they made a hud for it, but you can only see it on 16:9 :DDDD but the sound quality still bad - They didn't notice during the development stage that weaponbalance is fucked up - They can't fix crashes eversince they pushed to EA - The whole game is a 13gb .pak file :DDDDDDDD - and this list could be endless These guys have NO idea what they are doing, probably watching youtube videos with notepad open and using google "basic pascal"
  25. Nades

    We should be able to "cook" grenades, meaning the count down to explosion starts once you pull to throw, not after its thrown and landed.
  26. Game's Dead guys..

    I think the game developers should be more worried about the decline in players than us. I'm sure the guys know what they are doing. They have given themselves a year to sort the game out but the only question is at the current rate of decline in players do they have a year's worth of players left? There's an update soon and hopefully a lot of issues will be addressed in that.
  27. Game's Dead guys..

    1,1k friday 8pm cet hi @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON
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