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  2. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    I hope so, but every successful game need an active community. As big community is as better we can expect updates of the game, tournaments sponsoring and happier devs The game is pushed to the right direction so we can expect community will rapidly growing after EA. Every big community has bad guys (they don't have to be children). It is sad but it is true. But every problem can be solved in specific way. FE: after match we could give player good or bad reputation.. if somebody will have a bad reputation he could have a competitive cooldown. It is a way to dont let cheaters and psychopats ruin our ranked matches. But probably it could not be applied for unranked matches we could only hope and tech them to better behavior
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  4. Hehe I saw what you did there
  5. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    Me to
  6. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    You called?
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  8. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    I hope that the fact this game is an oldschool ww2 fps will leave the kiddies out of it (those who buy a new shitty CoD every year) been playing CSGO on and off but it bores me to death and I cant quite make myself like the robotic mechanics of the game (being a dedicated twitch FPS player (quake3 & QL , cod1/2/4) I feel the movement is VERY limited in CS.. the game is definitely hard - just not my type of candy.. cant wait for this to come out, nothing excites me anymore
  9. i still disagree. your argument is that mouse acceleration is inconsistent yet i can reproduce movements across a wide variety of scenarios. if you look at the image attached, these are my settings for mouse acceleration. i can set a sens cap and an offset, the sens cap will make sure that the highest sensitivity my mouse will accelerate to is 1.5x my standard in game sens (e.g. 1.5 max sens will be 2.25). offset will allow me to have a "safe zone" where the mouse wont change until a certain speed, this means that i can still be accurate with tracking and it wont throw me off. i can also set the acceleration amount. i don't really see how there is any downside to mouse acceleration other than the steep learning curve and time it takes to gain the muscle memory. i also don't think that around half of quake pros would use mouse acceleration if it had these issues like you are saying. (also side note i'm glad this discussion is happening so don't take anything like a personal attack <3)
  10. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    me2 It could be 3000+ promod players waiting for this game and I believe after early access when advertising of the game will not be prohibit but supported so old promod players number will increase. BUT atm lot of people dont check out the forums and the forum is almost dead so your way of find out how many promod players are waiting for this game will not be accurate. But the battalion community does not contain only cod4 players, also cod2 and lot of newcomers interested in the game which are bored of the modern game mechanics but they want to play and have fun during competitive matches or playing with their friends. Dont worry about the community guys, it will be huge!
  11. I understand your point of view and i had the same man I'm not trying to insult only to help, please note that. Problem is that you have some muscle memory and lets say you make an aim shot with - sens 1.5, msaccel OFF - across 3cm of your mousepad. The next time and every other time you make it is going to make the same movement ingame as it did before. Your brain will learn it and after a time you will have perfect aim. Whereas with sens 1.5 msaccel ON you will make the same movement and of course it will take you further ingame and you could learn to make the same 3cm movement as you do with msaccel OFF. Problem is that msaccel also counts the speed of the movement of your mouse. So you can make once 3cm aim shot and next time exactly the same 3cm aim shot and it will give you DIFFERENT ingame move. So you see you'd have to not only learn to have perfect muscle memory for moving your mouse the same lenght but also the same speed and believe me from time to time you will make the movement with different speed and it will make you miss many shots. I understand that relief that you can finally turn around easily but in the end you will suffer cause of this and is better to turn it off and learn to play without it. My experience is to put quite a high sens at first and try to play with it for a week. It will be kinda crazy but you will be learning kinda quickly. Then try to go with the sens a little lower and then play with it another week. Then again. It will help you adapt faster. NOTE that you shouldn't go with sens lower to the point where you are unable to do 180° move with your arm. Maybe 120 but thats critical. Anything lower will cost you.
  12. A progress announcement would be M1 Garand.
  13. How many promod players do we actually have here that are waiting for batt's release ?
  14. Last week
  15. Mouse accel isn't hard to put in to the game so if the early access version will not have it in options menu the devs can add it in next update tbh it is a minor thing but I can imagine mouse accel can somebody make more satisfied gamer
  16. dont you think it's a bit disingenuous to take the experiences of one over the experiences of those who have mastered mouse acceleration? i can accept that in many games e.g. counter-strike it gives little advantage over a linear sensitivity and therefore is not worth the learning curve, but for games such as quake and more faster paced games it is arguably objectively better. it allows the precise mouse movement of a low sens player while still being able to consistently do 180s as well as larger flicks. i'm not going to be the person to say whether or not it will be useful in battalion but i've used it for a long time and i have never had any issues with it.
  17. A screenshot that reveals something.. So we have something to talk about on this forum Just something.. the smallest thing would do.. EDIT: I would also like the opportunity to buy a battalion shirt/jacket or cap
  18. Either way you should really think of turning it off for good. Im kinda lazy to right down all the reasons but i have had really hard and long, bad experience with it before I found out its useless. I know it seems its good when you have small sens like me but its only for worse.. ALWAYS KEEP MOUSEACCEL OFF!!
  19. A small sneak peak or update would be just fine But I think they will be happy to have some break from the work so we will have to wait till Jan. Dammit man. More excited then when i was 6 for christmas haha
  20. Different nade types and throws?

    Don't like flash grenades! Smoke grenades can be useful and fun, but flash grenades are just not my thing.. I think they are just really annoying! @ CSGO my teammates always flash me... ever had that? Then you know what I mean.. Maybe it happens because I just can't get used to them, but I also don't want to get used to them.. I'm a CoD1 player
  21. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (EA/Dice)

    Here is an interview with the Belgian Gambling Commission. The whole website is in Dutch, but just use your translator... http://www.4gamers.be/specials/62349/1/Interview-Belgische-Kansspelcommissie-over-gokken-in-games
  22. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome aboard F09. I also plan on playing every night, although with my skills, i doubt i will get near the top
  23. Nintendo Switch Support?

    I am not an IT guy so i dont understand the back end of game development but lot of game studios making their game for consoles first and than the are porting game to pc - pretty sad story .. battalion is made for PC first and than console... As much as the devs can port of pc build to console version as sooner console players could expect their game. Dont talking about DIRECT PORT, it is not even possible imo. But every game has main platform development and then ported and edited for others... I am pc player but anyway I expect one of the greatest console port ever made. (WHY? because look at csgo and its console port is fuc*ing trash because the gameplay mechanics feel weird on gamepad., but cod2/4 was fun to play even on consoles) so I hope people will be enjoying bat44 also on consoles @60fps
  24. Nintendo Switch Support?

    Well,most of what you said I did in one sentence exept this last line... Ofcourse it's not from scratch, but most of all it's not a direct port!! We have all seen to many crappy direct ports already and the devs have to, I guess thats why they state console version will be a seperate build....
  25. Wolfenstein enemy territory

    You're welcome, Rockzor. Have you seen the progress the "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy" devteam is making nowadays? They have new weapons modelers and game animators join the project and every model in the game is getting updated. Here's a couple of videos:
  26. CoD World at War Promod anyone?

    The springfield shot sounds so satisfying
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