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  2. CM Storm Rapid Fire Stealth Reds
  3. i own the Logitech G403/G502 love both, use it at around 1800dpi-4000dpi depending on the game
  4. Old Day of Defeat Competitive Player here Aliases: WHO, WHOMADEU, nobodyfam0us, nbdyfms, gh0d (afew more but cant remember) CPL Winter 2004 Champs /w/ Highball - $150,000 CPL Summer 2005 Champs /w/ Check-Six - $200,000 CPL Winter 2005 Lost to Complexity Semi-Finals CALm 2006 Season 6 Champs /w/ Enevervate Gaming (Check-Six) CALi 2007 10-1 /w/ Nomadic Soilders CALi 2008 8-3 /w/ clan-h8 CALi 2009 10-1 /w/ Check-Six then Game Died! lol
  5. from kickstarter earlier Closed Alpha Steam Codes will now be sent TOMORROW (25th May) Posted by Bulkhead Interactive (Creator) IMPORTANT: The following in this update only applies to you if you pledged towards a tier that included Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha Access on PC or you Pre-Ordered Alpha Access via the old Humble Store. Hey guys! Quick Update for backers with access to the Closed Alpha, A small number of you may have received an email with 'Alpha Codes'. These codes DO NOT work. There was a mess up on Steam's end with the codes and the Alpha branch Valve are sending us new codes to send out, so we're now waiting on them to send us the actual Closed Alpha codes to send to you guys. Don't worry, there is no delay on the Alpha. New codes (that work) will be sent tomorrow, Friday 25th May!
  6. just no Please search the forums before asking thx The exact words from Dev BigTuna: CLOSED ALPHA IS UNDER A NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA) By downloading the Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha, you've agreed to adhere to our NDA rules. This means nobody is allowed to share videos/pictures/media or discuss the game outside of the following three channels...
  7. Ah ok THX Bro, is it ok when i stream the game on Alpha or not tel me pls
  8. Hi and welcome to the Battalion forums mate, the keys will be sent out tomorrow Thursday at some time
  9. Hello together can anyone give me an Information when is sending you the Alpha Key I have an Buying on Humble Bundel ? Greetz from Germany
  10. Today
  11. Keep up the good work @OllieJT Oh oh and welcome aboard the forums aswell
  12. Darn, did I really forget to welcome you back then??? Sorry mate, but long over due welcome
  13. Did you play Mohaa back in the day? Kind of recognize the tag. clanladder maybe? [VS-UK]Gomer_Pyle here
  14. thanks for the link or i would have actually pulled all my hair out by now lol
  15. @ChubbyNinja this tweet have been sent this morning before they meet trouble with codes. An other one from this afternoon :
  16. This is what It was, and tbh Insurgency was PAM from COD 4 without a strict hipfire cone, the ability to jump as smoothly and more damage taken.
  17. Well i can stop refreshing my mail every second for now, thanks for the heads up
  18. same for me
  19. Not adding dates was a conscious decision. Content was ordered chronologically, and so I thought that it would encourage users to explore a little more with some cool articles that were a little older. I totally understand the want for dates. I just added the date to the news cards on the home page, and news page. Over the next few weeks, I'm sure the devs will adjust to the site and notice things they would like added or changed. I will put a little more thought in to the dates etc in a couple of weeks so that the devs have time to play with it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts @DiddumsJ & @Razor, I really appreciate the feedback! If you have any other suggestions, continue to share them here.
  20. True.
  21. Welcome aboard mate
  22. Sounds great Joe
  23. From that screenshot, there's a binds tab. I'm sure you can bind a key to "exec map1.cfg" or something similar
  24. Belgium here
  25. Ok, I'll give you 10k KRW for it. Deal.
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