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  2. New to forum, old-school gamer

    Welcome to the forums @Tracer Bullet! I hope you'll be enjoying yourself here!
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  4. Offline updates

    could be a nice idea, waiting for devs
  5. New to forum, old-school gamer

    welcome onboard!
  6. Offline updates

    Wondering how contemporary games work during playing offline (local access)..?? I remember when everyone was playing cod2 with patch 1.3 and cod4 with patch 1.7 so if bunch of people want to play against at LAN so it was not an issue to match same versions of the game and setup local server easily. But nowadays games like lol,dota,wot and csgo (and other multiplayer games) are updated frequently ... Some games once a week so I can imagine situation that at "friends' LAN party" group up f.e.: 10 player... but game update was night before lan starts but not everyone updated his game so not everyone will have the same version of the game ... And it is an issue because it is impossible to match players with different version of the game because one version could have different weapon stat(balance) than others. SO what about implementing an ability for offline playing to update the game thru local network from the player's pc who has newest version of the game.. so everyone who forget to update the game or miss the update will be able to update the game at lan and start playing with friends without an issue. I don't know if this feature is already basic think delivered with multiplayer games or not. I know at big lans and tournaments this thing will not be an issue because of lan preparation and local pc build will be updated but if you want to play with friends offline this feature can kill the pain while setting up the local server. I don't know how others games work .. not sure if every moba game has opportunity to play at local network.. so the local updating idea sounds great for me
  7. New to forum, old-school gamer

    It's all good. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Purchase Proof

    See you in-game and on the Alpha section!
  9. Purchase Proof

    Thank folks, I'll contact him direct.
  10. New to forum, old-school gamer

    First of all: welcome to the community! Always Nice to have new People joining in. However i have to disappoint you. Kickstarter has closed and For now there is no chance on joining into the game. You Will have to wait For early Acces , early 2018, to buy into the game. The only small chance you got, is following battalion and the devs on twitter and hope they do another key giveaway
  11. New to forum, old-school gamer

    Hello to the Devs and everyone here on the forums! I have been playing video games since my first experience with PONG in the mid 70's. Was the Asteroids champ in 8th grade and conquered Missile Command and Defender with ease. Got COD2 for my birthday in 2005 and spend the next 10 years playing it just about every day. Other shooters would come and go, but COD2 had the experience and "feel" I enjoyed the most. So, when I heard some COD2 fans were putting together a next-generation adaptation, I couldn't wait to jump on board! All i need to know is, where do I send my money? Cheers to the Developers and all involved!
  12. Hey

  13. How many people bought the game?

    Those 10k people all got access in a way or other, alpha, beta or EA so they all bought the game
  14. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    Yes sir!
  15. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    Absolutely loved COD4 to death, played loads of hours on it and really loved promod a ton! Can't wait for Battalion to release The only thing I'll miss in any shooters after COD4 is the strafing movement
  16. How many people bought the game?

    still waiting on them to open it up again for ppl to buy in, its been many months now since players were able to buy into any recent tests
  17. How many people bought the game?

    I think those 10k players are all the people who contributed during the kickstarter. While, the 2600 may be the sum of alpha and beta users.
  18. How many people bought the game?

    That's a question for our community manager @[CM] BigTuna to provide, would be interesting to know how many players was attending in each alpha round! I know we did get some info after the first rounds
  19. Game problems

    esku is a Humble Bundle Backer so should have access, the rest, read Darks post
  20. Game problems

    1) please keep this in alpha forum discussions only 2) the servers are offline atm, check your email and alpha forum for alpha 0.5 session dates and times 3) DM @[CM] BigTuna to get alpha forum access.
  21. Game problems

    Hello. I start the game on steam, while anti-cheat loaded and the game was launched i see black screen and nothing changed when i waited 5-10 mins. Why?
  22. Looking to team up for tier 1 competition

    Oh hello there a1ga good luck
  23. How many people bought the game?

    thats really good number i think. 10k+ player can make this game esport game wuhuuu
  24. When is the next beta?

    Ah alright, well I didn't get any emails of updates so can't know
  25. When is the next beta?

    Think they haven't, it was only sent to beta backers as I understood it...
  26. Question from DEVS

    Well you both got a point there By simply basing it to ping only, it will automatically will also be region based. So just basing it on ping would do the job
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