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  2. Battalion 1944 batta access code

    He isn't replying Cyruz. I'm in the same boat
  3. I want my money back!

    Can't blame you for backing those games. Both looked very promising. One still has potential.
  4. I want my money back!

    Yeah, same here but didn't backed DoW, but anyways, i have totally to agree! I'm pretty pissed seeing this game dying so fast (guys don't try to correct me, it's me sight on it) I'll spent a pretty good amount of money, well i did't even have over 50h in this game AND more sadly, i don't have any plans of starting it in the near future... It looked so more promising in the videos and it's just Bunny/strafejump quickscope one-click simulator There are NO REAL fights like back in moh:aa or early cod days, it's just not there! First to shot, first to kill... simple as that
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  6. I want my money back!

    If you subscribed to the Kickstarter, you won't get money back. That is the gamble of being a Kickstarter backer. You might get a product, you might not, it might be what you hoped for, it might not. Unfortunately for me, my first foray into the world of Kickstarter crowdfunding, was both for Battalion and also Days of War. It's taught me a harsh lesson of not to part with my cash, so easily especially as via Kickstarter I've paid out so much more for this game, than it will ever be sold for via Steam
  7. I want my money back!

    So acording to ur logic you would go to the shop and buy some food. A month later you will come to the shop again and tell them that you want refund, cause you didn't eat it all?
  8. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Everything is wrong. That's why it's hard to find one specific thing that defines problem.
  9. How to unpack the Battalion pak files??

    So where is all the mods?
  10. How to unpack the Battalion pak files??

    Take a look at this post - don't know if it works but can help (clic on grey zone) :
  11. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I don't think all dev's fly off to different lans, but eSports seems to be their priority number one from the start. That's probably the biggest mistake they made.
  12. LFT GER Scope

    Used to play with this guy on Battalion.. Very good scope player. Knows what he is doing. Pick this guy up if your looking for a decent scope player! (he's also good with default lol)
  13. I'm not sure it's the content but agree the map's are not the greatest at best. The dev's need to work on the core of the game, ie the movement is awful, the lighting is bad and the rest i just can't put my finger on, just feels wrong and by the looks of it 16k are thinking the same thing. I have turned off my Battalion servers because i won't waste my time atm setting up servers for them to sit unused and idle. I don't even know why the dev's keep flying off to different lans to sell what? Even these forums are dying off.
  14. I want my money back!

    I've asked for a refund and Brammertron told me to go through steam. Steam doesn't do refunds for this game if you got it through a code. I've asked him about this back on March 6th after steam denied my refund and he has ignored me. So that is very professional of him. I've messaged kickstarter to see what i can do to get the refund. No one wants to back another cod, which is what this game is. Just a "halo-jumping" and "dropshotting" mess, plus all the bugs, it isn't worth playing.
  15. How to unpack the Battalion pak files??

    Thats not correct... The developers said we can work with the unreal engine and do what ever we want....
  16. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I've stopped for the time being, back on CS:GO while they sort out the issues with the game and produce more maps to play. The current crop, along with the TTK, movement and jumping have made the game rather crap. More content is a must as far as I'm concerned. The maps are mediocre at the moment.
  17. Damn you right. Other problems about banners are solved but not the 999 ping. When i checked yesterday it was correct.
  18. Admin server messages

    not yet. I hope we will. you have to do it manually ingame with "server.announce YOURTEXT"
  19. Kill cam

    kill kam should be standard.
  20. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I'm also not playing Battalion as much as I used to, but I don't know why I'm playing less. The friends I played with, stopped playing Battalion ages ago. So that's not the reason. I wish I could say to the developers if you improve this and this it will be way more fun, but it's hard if you don't know why. Currently I just prefer COD2 and I'm thinking about reinstalling CS:GO/ CS 1.6 or CS:S.
  21. Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Ye I feel u. It's also the lack of interest from the others in my friendslist.. Nobody of them seems to really care about the updates anymore.. Most of them haven't touched the game after the first days of play.. Imo the game speaks to a to small group, and is not the game that u want to play every day. Yeah sometimes I have this like tommorow i wanna play again but sometimes not.. Because everybody seems to want something else i don't know what they have to change anymore, I can speak for myself but it seems it's not only the jumping or ttk or w/e other change. The lack of interest from a lot pretty much is telling us a large part of the game doesn't attract the majority. Also the kickstarter guys received a coin that is currently for sale for a lot of money^^ I really wonder if we (the humblebundle backers who also paid 65 euro and have helped this game testing) ever get something... No special coin , no skin , no recognition, no answer
  22. Admin server messages

    Would their be away for us to run automatic messages on our sever every 5 mins or so. things like. [=PUG=]Welcomes you to our sever. Rule messages etc etc AAPG you can, so just wondering if we can with Battalion Cheers Pecka
  23. sorry..........is better ? lol, so I'll buy a screen 4: 3! "I remember CoD2, where 16: 9 players had benefited over 4: 3 players because of their been able to see more on the sides ...." in your opinion? it's exactly the same thing! each one his ways .... triple screen is enjoyable and not only in fps race .... but you need a good machine behind, why sell 21: 9 and ultrawide? worst (my next probably ..) Samsung CHG90 32: 9! short zoom too much according to a certain resolution! unplayable in nvidia surround / eyefinity! recently ..... because at the beginning, of course when buying ..... a fov of 143 perfect for me! but since the latest updates blocked on 105, it is clearly say "excellent for 4: 3 16: 9 ... the others..change screen! BRAVO it is still distressing in 2018, to be heard saying "play on one screen for the fps" .... and again, not just any monitor! already the 21: 9 complains .....read the forum please.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Game reset my config settings randomly

    only happened to me at startup, all i do is change graphics settings from low to low again (because they arnt actually on low it just says they are) then click apply and go and enjoy some games... they will fix it but its EA im sure theres more pressing matters... maybe try changing everything then when you close the game go and put your custom.cfg to read only. might work might not i havnt tried it yet
  26. i helped run the >Mugs< for those that played cod 1/uo/cod2/cod4. battalion could still work but serious right ideas need to be put into action quick.basics are being missed which should of been in from day one.the oldskool here will probably stick around youngsters or new people who never played this type of game wont though .
  27. steamcmd overwrite

    Same i've turned off my servers untill there is mod & rcon support.
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