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  2. I intend on playing the game as hard as I can personally, I come from Insurgency which may be small and quite minute compared to CoD or anything else competitive, but it was there. In either case, I took it casually for so long I missed out on the competitive side of it, meaning that by the time I did get into it, most of the teams left were quite toxic and annoying. That and the EU scene was dead and the NA season organiser didn't want to have to have EU and AUZ players playing with only 20 or so teams globally. Due to this, I intend on playing it as hard as I can as soon as possible.
  3. Just downloaded cod2 but keeps crashing
  4. I'll wait for the release until I pass judgement. This way I'm looking at the game on my rig and not a video of a game played on who knows what? Until then, I see no point in this discussion.
  5. Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand
  6. Couldn't agree more and that's where skill based match making comes into play. You can improve under competitive conditions without being stomped by high level players. One of the best additions to online gaming, in my opinion.
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  8. Everyone starts off as a bad player, you can compete at any skill level.
  9. It would be pretty cool to play it competitively, but that requires one to actually be good, so gotta see how the game feels before I know haha
  10. It's a simple part of the forums, that can be quite nice. I do agree that if you give a negative rep it would be interesting to see them give like a sentence why.
  11. ..... and you dont think knowing about who you are dealing with is important? Surely it should be ok to talk about the guys who actually make the game, and their history of DLC rip offs! or are we all supposed to forget about that too!. it looks like the typical Hollywood version of WWII nice graphics sure enough but I bet the cost and the DLC is gonna be astronomical! and Nazi Zombies... oh please!
  12. I know right but its a shame that BF had to copy CODW@W... such a shame
  13. Depends where BF series will go
  14. Joe has a point in the Dustin interview, RB6: Siege did realistic skins and they're pretty boring in all honesty, who wants to own a snakeskin gun? I dont care if there's skins in the game, at the end of the day its the gameplay I'm here for. And being a small dev team, micro-transactions could potentially be what keeps our game updated and alive so for the sake of a few crazy skins in the game it doesn't bother me. And If its true that players will have to option to turn them off in competitive play, then it literally has zero impact on the game and people need to get a grip. I can't think of a top 5 E-Sport without some kind of micro-transaction in place. It's obviously helps contribute to the games popularity and if there's no player base for a game, sadly there is no game. This game will need all sorts of different players if it wants to be a competitive game. So I welcome the idea of skins, as I trust the developers to use that income to better the game, and I still believe they still have the heart of the competitor in-mind. Ideally I don't wanna see pink Kar98's everywhere I hope they're a bit more creative with their designs. Also wanna add that I'm not a massive skin person myself, but I can appreciate how it benefits the production of games.
  15. Except if they are abusing of cinematic things. It is so boring to wait front of your screen to be able to play. 2017 is not released yet than you are thinking about the next !! lool More serioulsy : I bet there will be map tool avalaible from the start AND dedicated servers. (keep this line in memory and "rendez-vous" next year !! )
  16. Single player will be fun Wondering where they will take the franchise next year for CoD 2018
  17. Yeah you really cant see much but I don't expect it to be dumbed down. I've only ever seen Ubisoft do that to their games. The recent CODs have all held true to there trailers when it comes to visuals, or it does on my PC anyway lol
  18. just played around with the settings and cant seem to help. there is deffo "purplenesss" ingame when i play, hopefully the video shows that
  19. might be a nice singleplayer is it me or they have a e-sports menu in that call of duty site? ROFL too late fu activision
  20. Yes, i've seen some glimpse. But you can only quickly get an idea of the style and graphics of the game. It looks very promising, but the graphics will probably be dumbed down in the game, so it's useless. I'll wait for the reviews from real critics before I even start thinking about buying this. Activision f*cked me too many times.
  21. interesting modes that are possibly going to be in the game
  22. Could careless about the producer, the topic was about the game it's self.
  23. There was game play, it was just in 2 second intervals haha
  24. I fear there is no other way than to wait EA stage or ask on the forum if someone want to sell his key.
  25. it's advertisement ! Nothing more.
  26. Got you guys thanks, I'm a cod competitive player this game really meets my expectations. could you please tell me what is the fastest way for me to start playing it?
  27. amma guess they are doin the same thing Division did in its a WHOLE bunch of awesome stuff then dumb it down at release lol
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