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  2. right, like I said
  3. ekhm... call... of... duty.. ww2.. ekhm...
  4. That would be stupid in a WWII game lol
  5. Welcome aboard mate! I'd say no thanks to tanks, from the developers at least! Let the modding community make some for those interested
  6. LOVE THIS IDEA!, I dig. it.
  7. Hi all! New to the forum, saw the trailer and my hope for humanity was restored!(as long as what is promised is delivered🙂) I missed the old days of gaming so bad. Anyway already love the comunity here! hoping for a great game and I think we can come up with a way to compromise on a way to implement controlable vehicles without ruining gameplay for the infantry that the devs can create for us! The first thing I think of is the stuff you see in cod 3 where they have a few larger maps for vehicles and smaler for infantry stuff. But I think it can be improved by making it a separate game mode or something. Plus cool ways to customize them the way they plan for the characters/weapons with the addition of different hull types and stuff since there were so many different sherman variants. (google search: sherman tank minutia) if anyone interested. Ford m4a3 is my fave. Thoughts?
  8. My Friends many years ago said i looked like Jack Jeebs from the film MiB and it stuck
  9. I think you missed my point, example nowdays if you dont know a smoke or a molly for CSGO you can jump on youtube and acquire that knowledge within a minute. I've done this during games at the start of a round and can find out the smoke by the time we execute onto a site. The same could potentially be done with grenades in Battalion. There is no mechanical skill required for an easy, zero risk cheap kill. Additionally, there are grenades in CoD1/2/4 which you 100% cannot see coming, grenades that go through some gaps, explode in the air and can kill anyone in the area.
  10. I mean if you say people have to learn by watching demos and streams then clearly there is skill and practice needed to master it....And its easily avoidable, you can look in the sky just like in cod4, and decide if you want to try to beat it or not. Nades like that also bring spwn points into question, who has the best spwn to beat those nades to be able to rush, which once again introduces another aspect into the game. You can apply your logic to pretty much anything, "watch and you will learn" yup, works for all. I dont think anyone here is arguing that it takes the most skilled players to throw nades, but it does add another aspect to the game that needs to be mastered, and i see nothing wrong with that.
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  12. Yes they can they just need to know where to throw it.. Back when we played CoD1/2/4 most people knew a lot of nades, but if you wanted to learn more you either had to sift through demos, learn from a friend or spend hours perfecting your own. With the amount of media we have now (twitch, more people using youtube, reddit) more people will know more nades. There really isnt much skill at all in throwing a grenade at a skybox lineup at 1:43 that the receiving player can't react to.
  13. I agree, advanced audio mechanics are key in such a game and certainly more important than visuals. I do hope directional sound (HRTF?) is somewhere top on their priority list! However, I'm not too fond of such a high throwing range for frags. As you just said yourself "anyone can throw a nade over a roof", the mechanic is prone to headless spamming. Secondly, even with the highest skill involved lobbing a nade from afar onto somewhere you can't hear or even see into remains a mere gamble nonetheless. In my opinion, it's as much a cheap tactic as cooked nades are regarded to be, since the receiving end also has only little chances effectively dodging those explosives raining from beyond, nicely cooking all the way of their longsome travel. I honestly trouble to see a big difference here. I would rather like to have reasonable throwing ranges for frags in general. Though, I probably won't be that picky in case the total amount of explosives available per full match is limited anyway - keyword: card system - so anti-rush-nade-spam won't happen to become the standard procedure on every single round.
  14. Yeah, but remember cs does not have sprint and their maps are much more based on shooting then actually getting naded to death so its a bit different but i do get your point. I think most people underestimate having good nades in a competitive game like cod2/4 for example, as well as how much practice you need to make sure its perfectly synchronized and timed to have the desired effect. At the end of the day, i just think that having more layers in a game makes it more fun, having nades being a viable strat that you can dodge because they arent cooked, is something that is needed for games that are similar to cod2/cod4, it makes them harder imo, anyone can throw a nade over a roof, but not any1 can throw a nade and make sure it bounces 2 times and lands in the middle of a doorway perfectly timed when the other team is crossing to take or slow them down. Overall, im just curious which direction they want to go because from videos its a tad hard to see how far you can nade and what damage they do.
  15. For me, having two different ways for using smoke and frag grenade like CSGO (over roof for smoke and more direct for frag grenade) is lot more interesting than having the same way to use two different grenades that don't have the same purpose. It add more diversity and different challenge in the way you throw greandes (smoke and frag).
  16. Interesting. But I'll pass, I guess. Also published by Nexon? Not sure if I like it.
  17. Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things that have developed during and since E3 as well as an update on our new and future hires and upcoming events! You might have seen that we flew out to E3 2017 a few weeks ago. It wasn’t the first time someone from our team attended, however it was the first time we took a group of team members and showed Battalion in LA so it was a good experience and we learnt some really useful information that can go towards development. One event we had lined up at E3 was a showing of Battalion at Alienware’s Exclusive Influencer Event. This was in a separate location from E3 and was really cool as it gave a lot of people a chance to experience Battalion in a way that we could control and test the game. It was also great to see people like Rob Kazinsky as well as a bunch of Twitch influencers playing and loving Battalion in its early stages of development, so overall it was a pretty cool event. Overall E3 was great. Was really great to hang out with and discuss things with other developers, especially our friends at Squad, Insurgency, Day of Infamy and Xbox; so that will really help development of Battalion in the long run! In other news we’re happy to announce we’ve been on a hiring spree, as we’re rooting out talent from within the esports scene to help develop Battalion into the competitive game we all want it to be. The first announcement in this regard is that we’ve officially hired Phantasy (Mark!). For those of you who aren't in the know, he’s an ex-CoD4 Promod pro and high level competitive gamer who’s going to be giving us feedback and making informative Youtube videos on Battalion to go on our official Bulkhead Youtube channel. He’ll mainly be testing the game internally but he’ll also be utilising his skills and creating video content that will clearly outline updates throughout development as well as detailing other key features of Battalion down the road. Having his knowledge and skill set should improve our ability to get information across to you all as well as iron out bugs that would affect the competitive experience more efficiently. We are all happy to have him on board so if you see him on Twitter or our Forums then make sure say Hey and welcome him on board! The Bulkhead team will also be attending ESL ONE next week promoting and showing Battalion to competitive players and Esports Journalist. It should be interesting to gauge their reactions on it, get some feedback and hear their opinions. Apologies for the lack of responses from us over that last few weeks, as you have probably guessed we have been super busy. However if we aren’t replying it’s usually a good thing as it means we are working hard behind the scenes! That’s all for now. Hope all you Alpha backers are pumped for Alpha 0.2 coming up on July 14th - 15th! We’ll have some good fixes and a few additions to be detailed in coming updates so stay tuned! Thanks guys! Tuna & The Bulkhead Team
  18. Aye seen this a while ago looks very insteresting, Not a big fan of moba style gameplay in FPS games though this still looks like alot of FUN, i'll be giving it a go
  19. Lawbreakers is shaping up to be a nice surprise for 2017. if you haven't already heard about this game all you need to know is its being developed by Cliff Blezinski.
  20. Last week
  21. Currently Glued to Quake Champions, i also dabble in wow pubg and rocket league. Can Sign for Quake Champions Beta Here Add me for some duels!
  22. No, weapons which kill in one shot and require no aim are OP. Throwing a cooked grenade at someone's feet is about as easy as it gets, unless i have to get a direct impact i will manage to hit that 9/10 times.
  23. Lets not turn this thread into cook nades vs not cooked. For E sports i cant remember a game that allows cooked nades regardless, pubg allows cook nades, but they make a click and basically have almost no range, they are strong and useful, but its a different third person view game which is hardly an E sport atm. Overall, im just trying to see if the devs want nades to be able to go over roofs for a decent distance(like cod4) where you can use nades as part of strategy that isn't really in games like CS(im not counting smokes/flashes as nades) but just overall having another level to master for a game thats preparing to be an E sports game/competitive, i think the more layers you have the better.
  24. So all weapon that can kills in one shot are OP ? I don't think so. If you reduce the damage and the radius of the explosion so that the lethal distance (for a full HP opponent) is sufficiently small, the throw will require more precision, and therefore more skill, and random cooked nade will become quite useless.
  25. Reducing the range won't change much about it being overpowered since you'd use it to peak someone anyways. Reducing the damage makes it either useless or it stays overpowered, as long as it's a one hit kill it's OP, if it isn't it's pointless. The unpinning sound won't change anything either since it would get drowned out by other sounds in the early game and late game it really only gives you a short heads up that you are about to get destroyed since you can just cook the grenade from cover and then briefly peak. What are you going to do? Run away and then get shot in the back? You also don't know where the player is going to throw the cooked nade, he could just throw it any random place to clear it and you wouldn't have any time to react because you wouldn't even have a reason to think that that nade is meant for you. Or you could just run whenever you hear someone pulling the pin, but that gives your position away and will probably force you in a worse position. Regardless of how you change the balance of cooked grenades, they remain a cheap way to get a kill/clear an area/force a reaction or they become irrelevant. It's a bad mechanic with a very low skill ceiling and it won't add anything positive to the game. Nobody is asking that they copy promod nades, who are you talking about? The problem of promod nades was their range, not that they explode when hitting the ground, you can look up and dodge them. You can't stop nades from exploding right before they land, that's just a matter of the angle you choose. Wouldn't help you either because by the time the grenade lands on the ground you don't have time to run anymore anyways, because if you did set grenades would become completely irrelevant.
  26. You can reduce range and damage so that it requires more precision in the launch to kill a full HP opponent and have more tolerance if this one has already taken damages. You can reduce the distance of the throw to force the player to step forward (with the grenade in hand) and take risks when throwing a grenade. You can add a sound (audible by the opponent) when the player unpin the grenade to allow the opponent to react if the player are too close to him. It's not necessarily a "must have mechanic", but it may be worth the try. Saying "Don't implement cooked nade because it's broken" and then asking to copy the grenade from CoD4 Promod, which is also broken, is ridiculous. Afterwards, if the devs don't want cooked grenade for some reasons (maybe they already try it with some balancing and the feeling just didn't fit), then I just asking them to balance the grenade to not allow the "anti-rush" grenade from the other end of the card that explodes at the same time as it lands, which was the biggest defect of CoD4 Promod for me.
  27. Feel free to elaborate on how you can balance cooked nades and why this is a mechanic worth having.
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