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  2. it can't be impossible, these sound like excuses to be honest. it should be the standard of what their aim is, if anything cod4's from 2007, make it better than cod4. also there's already people that have ported idtech3 movement into ue4, obviously i haven't tested this so i'm not sure how good it is.
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  4. Battalion has Crashed error

    where is the support for this game is everyone sleeping
  5. i think people are forgetting this is the unreal engine, the chances of getting cod4 movement are pretty much none.. i mean to get the movement how they have with unreal engine is pretty sick tbh
  6. I just feel like i'm 15yo again and have a blast with it.. Sorry I have nothing to feed the discussion, but I feel like it's important to hear when someone in satisfied as well
  7. can you post your config.ini and deck.json you are using
  8. i agree that the animations need to be improved but its more than just animations, overall the way air acceleration works and whatnot needs to be completely reworked. if reflex arena has amazing movement and that was built from scratch then bulkhead can manage to do it (obviously not as fast as reflex, but the same style as cod2/4)
  9. Option to remove sprint server side.

    I'd like to see an option at least! Having left handed models is a nice sign, so fingers crossed.
  10. Hi Guys, Since the last 2 patches our community wartide server seems broken. When players connect they do not get any weapons, after readyup there are no cards to select. Problem persists after multiple reinstallations and using the default config. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
  11. I am witnessing the same thing...
  12. im lvl 6 and every sense the u[update i haven't been able to join 1 match idk if everyone playing ranked or something but its unplayable for me at times it will say match found then go away
  13. Option to remove sprint server side.

    I don't know, Coastal seems to be the biggest map in the game and yet I find it hardly bigger (feeling wise) than trainstation, carentan, dawnville or matmata. I would simply like to try B44 without sprint to find out if TTK becomes higher and if I'd experience much better map control. I think it at least deserves consideration and/or trying out behind closed doors.
  14. Option to remove sprint server side.

    So much OT here. But to the topic - it would be nice to remove sprint for custom servers, but you would also need either smaller maps or higher base movement speed. Current maps are so big to just walk around without sprint that you wouldn't have any chance to rotate once you are halfway through one side of the map at Wartide. And I think devs are focusing on core competitive gameplay at the moment and they'll bother with those optional tweaks after that. Or modders will take care of that.
  15. Why would you want to play at that resolution anyway? It's not racing simulator or something, it's competitive FPS. And devs only restricted FOV to certain values and made it calculated horizontally on all resolution types, which is probably the best solution. I remember CoD2, where 16:9 players had advantage above 4:3 players because of they was able to see more on the sides. In B44, 4:3 players see more on top and bottom, which isn't much of an advantage. And with your setup, you pretty much see same things as everyone else horizontally, but u just see small portion of the game vertically, so it's just your problem that you restrict what you see. Also I see big benefit that devs decided to make FOV configurable in some range. With lower FOV, you see better to the distance, while at high FOV you see more to the sides, but everything in distance looks smaller and it is totally dependable on each player, what he prefers more and what goes better with his playstyle.
  16. Option to remove sprint server side.

    You didn't have such accuracy while strafe jumping in COD2 (don't confuse it with reloadshots). When you were about to strafejump from behind the corner and an enemy was expecting you, mostly you were getting killed. It's not happening in Battalion because peeker's advantage is that big here. Spray n' pray with AK74u was easy in COD4, but here it's just ridiculous as TTK is that low. Last update have improved it a lot, but that pinpoint accuracy is still an issue that needs to be fixed. There's way to many people complaining about it to leave it the way it works now.
  17. Costal USA SPAWN

    well as many know you spawn at bottom straight into a trap.bad design. needs opening up with more escape routes. the worst thing is if you get a bad team or someone afk you all get spawnes back into the spawn trap then rinse and repeat slaughter from germans who have a open spawn point and a elevated clear view of your spawn point.so they just smoke the one entrance you can escape from and you basically trapped. i hear you cry ! you just go behind the carts and boxes ! yes you do so then the fanned out germans just throw a grenade to hit the wall behind it and it drops exactly where everyone stands ! all dead . you dont even need to aim because the boxes items will stop the nade.also the ramp is made of metal so if you do make it that hard the germans hear you and kill you. now look take the germans side all open ! numerous exits plenty of space ! no balance. so please open up the usa spawn point so its balanced. also remove the metal usa ramp with metal.germans dont have it but usa does . makes no sense.
  18. Option to remove sprint server side.

    well no it didnt tbh. strafe jumping came from early quake games.you could do it in early cods.if it takes no skill at all you wouldnt be moaning about it.most people who get killed by it are bad at fps games and want no sprint and crouch only servers. cod 2 was full on strafe corners.so i dont get what you on about.
  19. the animations and movements do need work.cant expect it to be cod2/cod4 smooth yet but hopefully that is the aim. there is some clunky stuff ti many things this needs to be smoothed out and slicker.
  20. Strafe jump poll

    every time i see bunny hopping in a title or thread you already know its either a troll or someone who doesnt know what they on about.there is no bunny hopping ! only strafe jumping. strafe jumping is part of this type of fps.as it was in all early cods. dont touch strafing the people who cant hit strafe jumping off corners are the exact people who make crouch only servers and no running servers.players with poor aim. its no harder to hit a strafe corner jump that it is to hit a person walking round a corner.a strafe jumper has to run.so you if have ears here the person running before they even jump round corner. bunny hopping is jumping to gain speed. you cant do this ! you havent in any cod since call of duty 1 release on pc 1st patch.then it was patched out and never been in any cod since . to the devs dont buff things based off bad players.or to get more players to play for the sake of making the game less skilled.the very people who backed this game want this game want a oldskool fps like early cods and medal of honours. HAHA WHAT MAKES THIS EVEN WORSE IS THAT LEADING THE POLL IS HATING BUNNY HOPPING WHICH ISNT EVEN IN THIS GAME !
  21. Strafe jump poll

    excel, lets hope they improve movement my g.. promod and cod2 are still much better versions of what battalion is meant to be. although its still early access so that's a positive They started out saying they wanted to do a cod2 remake, then they wanted cod4 movement and do we really have either of those yet? I get the fact that the team wants battalion to be its own thing, but be its own thing with good movement. its not an excuse when people say "cod this, cod that" it's based off cod for god's sake of course people are gonna compare the two, and they should because battalion is supposed to take inspiration from both games I want battalion to be a fucking masterpiece because it has SO much potential to be huge as an esport, it makes me so sad seeing the movement in this state. if any devs need help with testing movement PLEASE message me, I have mastered bhopping in css and have cod4 movement nailed down. I would love to help free of charge and for the pure passion of wanting this game to succeed the worst thing that could happen is they buff the strafing by 5% and leave it as is. its so much more than just a distance issue. the whole movement system needs a rehaul, the air control, air acceleration, friction, ground acceleration, mantling objects/walls/boxes etc needs to be focused in on and given the respect it deserves.
  22. The Future ,,around the game"

    Hi there Community, I made just a hypothetical, inofficial Image, what a small advertisement for including British troops, new skins and new maps regarding the African War Theatre, could look like. I do underline again, that this is nothing official and just the attempt of a visualisation of my thoughts. I tried to get the idea in one picture without just painting it by using words. What do you guys think about that? Hypothetical Features mentioned in the image are: 4 new north african themed maps (Classic Cod2 maps) New lootbox with new weapon skins Service Medal 2019 for reaching level 100 ("Summer Offensive -- Service Medal 2019" engraved) German Afrikakorps character models Inclusion of british troops with sand camo Inclusion of british weapons (Lee Enfield No.4, Sten, Bren LMG, Lee Enfield No.4 scoped) I thought it might be great not only to widen the base of the game, but furthermore bringt more diversity and even maps from old and awesome games back to this fresh and polished version of old FPS. That is my actual wish or idea on that ground. I hope for some community feedback. Happy fragging. _____________________________________________________ Credits Credits for used Kar98k model Credits for used STG44 model Credits for used Sten model Credits for Background image Credits for Kar98k ornaments Credits for Soldier go to Day of Infamy
  23. Servers updated today (16/03/2018) but problem is still present.
  24. Please do something about the FOV for 21:9 Users

    No idea, I only play on our private server - i've heard that before yet people can play 4:3 rez on max fov and have 'an advantage'
  25. Please do something about the FOV for 21:9 Users

    Is there an advantage playing ranked with a resolution like that?
  26. Since today's small update, the FOV is now fixed and it's like playing a console game. I'm on 3440x1440 and it's just too zoomed in and makes me feel iffy. It's just needs a max of around 115 even, or 120. Outside areas are fine, but indoors is nauseating. The console trick used to work, then another appdata fix worked but now nothing works. I tried going to 16:9 but the game stretches to my monitors aspect ration regardless of resolution (i can't get black bars). I quit COD WW2 because of the same problem, I'm loving this but it's became almost unplayable. Oh and don't come in and say 105 is enough because you probably don't have a big ass 3440x1440 rez
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