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  2. For consoles: aim assist

    I would say make aim assist but with the option to turn it off. Make it so the aim assist helps the player by ?% and for those who want to play without it will have the option to do so
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  4. Colored names in the scoreboard

    As longs as there's a clientside option to disable them.
  5. Colored names in the scoreboard

    It's hard to do if the game uses the player's Steam names. And it makes it possible to make names totally unreadable.
  6. Hey guys this Topic is about colored player names I thought it would be nice to have. Here is an example : Pros: Looks good more name variations clantags / names can be made cooler if 2 or more players are used to play with the same name ingame it could be more variated with colors Cons: hmm idk maybe some players wont like For me it would be cool to have such a feature in the game but i would recommend to have a different system as cod 1- 2. ind CoD it was a code to to make different colors in the name. Colorcodes:^0 = black^1 = red^2 = green^3 = yellow^4 = darkblue^5 = lightblue^6 = lila^7 = white For example:seta name "^1your ^2Name" = your Name Maybe u make an option for lik 10 preset colors players can use or idk u have to decide if u implement it Greetings TheGoog
  7. New Game - Black Squad

    A pretty decent game for free "EA". Thanks for the info, Farq.
  8. Battalion 1944 en consolas

    Please keep this forum English so everybody can understand. Thank you.
  9. Battalion 1944 en consolas

    hola raul creo que es en la misma fecha como pc o un poco despues. pero no sabemos cuando... que tengas un buen dia amigo! saludos
  10. Customizable ScoreBoard

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  12. New Game - Black Squad

    I'm playing this while I type. EZ AF, but really addicting! PS: Ryan! <3
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPMtTtbjvh8
  14. Framerate vs hardware?

    Hello, so I was reading the 0.3 news and saw that fps was improved, and it reminded me... To reach 144 fps(stable) at the highest settings what kind of gpu and processor we are talking about? The CODs 2 and 4 were very light on processors unlike today's games. Also, has anyone tested streaming to see which processor can handle the task and keep the game at the maximum fps? Thanks.
  15. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    I actually started making my own map inspired by the mid fights of city streets! Didnt get very far but this is what i have. Some major changes but the idea of having smokes thrown to avoid the snipers .
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  17. Battalion 1944 en consolas

    he is asking about when console version will release.
  18. Battalion's community health

    yeah and thats really cool, that nvidia video was awesome but i dont expect them to be dishing that out weekly. Like i said, nothing major, but some cool screenshots or tidbits once or twice a week would be super cool and helpful not only for the fans but for the forum to stay active for the newcomers that might join.
  19. Battalion's community health

    They did the video with Nvidia, they also do tweet things out last I saw. I admit to not being an avid Twitter user, but last I saw they were putting things out on Twitter. The last couple of CS events they went out to, made videos from those and got given feedback.
  20. Battalion 1944 en consolas

    Hi I believe the console version will be released somewhere in 2018.
  21. Una pregunta a la compañia de que hace battalion 1944 y sus usarios cuando saldra battalion 1944 en consolas Un saludo
  22. Battalion 1918!

    I'd get a lot of enjoyment out of a WW1 game, but don't think Bulkhead would make the type I would hope for. Too much emphasis on the comp community. I think that works for WW2 and beyond, but Battlefield 1...I was so turned off by it not feeling different due to all of the automatics and above trench gameplay. Not too far different than a normal BF game aside from the maps. I honestly cannot believe I am actually bringing this game up in a positive light, but Darkest Hour. What I'd like to see is something like what they did with the Battle of Antitem. Many NPC's all around who where only deadly if you let them not be thinned out by shooting them. Every human player should spawn with 5 or more AI soldiers who are essentially pretty effective until the player dies. While the player is off respawning with a new set of 5 bots, to do it all over again, the leftover AI gets a significant accuracy and health penalty so they are essentially just there for cosmetics for the enemy side to mow down. Then...force some sort of reliance on trench to trench fighting where the sheer amount of targets make human attackers have a chance of getting into the trench. Bottom line - I'd love to see a WW1 game that went full on immersion over...player/weapon handling and quantities.
  23. Competitive wars / Clanwar

  24. Different nade types and throws?

    Not at the moment mate
  25. Battalion 1944 Bless you

    Welcome to the website, KMr .
  26. Hey! What's up?

    Welcome to the forums, Joey .
  27. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the website, DeM .
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