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  2. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Here are some tweets for the ones who are interested and don't have a Twitter account Closed only I guess.. people have paid for it
  3. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    will we have a chance for an open beta or it will be closed like alpha?
  4. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    thx i was wondering what we were all talking about
  5. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Well yeah but ive heard it in some of the other interview before that EA is comming in Q1 2018 for sure. Beta should be by the end of this year most likely november if i am correct? Im not sure where I ve heard it by now but its in my head as a sure thing But there should be some big announcment comming soon this month that was the reaction to HypeRNT
  6. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Could still be a beta with no downtime, now its certain that they will release the game in that time period
  7. Few Ideas by jackis

    Yeah you actually proved me wrong on that non-regen health but now I believe that longer regen is the way to go. Setting a proper time will need a lot of testing but 15-20 sec seems about right to finish that 1v1 fight even if a tagged guy hides behind a vehicle.
  8. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    That has been known for quite some time now. Joe Brammer‏Ověřený účet @Brammertron 31. 8. In about a month, @Battalion1944 is going to get scary for fans.. but I promise you... in January...January 2018 with be NON STOP BATTALION!
  9. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    He just confirmed that Bat1944 will be coming as a release in Q1 2018
  10. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Is there a big announcement coming soon? Did i miss a thread on that or what? Or is this just TS doing a big announcement? Cuz that video basically said nothing new. Been awhile since we heard anything from the devs themselves so im eager to get some new info.
  11. Beta Release

    I seriously don't see what your problem is. It's literally just a visual element that doesn't impact gameplay in any way. It's not as if they give you 20% more speed if you spend $50. Or, for people like you, they should make the pricetag $100 and give you the skins for free. Maybe that makes you feel better, but plenty of people can play without and would like a lower pricetag because of that.
  12. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    So its now confirmed, PC release early next year. So prolly January 2018/Q 2018
  13. Hi, all Battalion 1944 Lovers ! In this thread i gonna put some stuff/materials from EGX. Come join to me ! I know everyone is waiting for "big annoucement" but until then we need to enjoy it
  14. some codjumper type maps, i wanna be able to have a new game to strafe in and master the movement
  15. Last week
  16. Beta Release

    well back to the point since this wasnt so clear it would be fair to get some extra goodies for our hard earned money am i right?
  17. Beta Release

    The way it's phrased, it's true it sounds like it would be weekly. But as I said previously, the game itself was not in a fun state as per se. One map with less than a dozen usable guns. If you can play that for hours and hours every week, all the more power to you. But most of us aren't going to sit and play a very early alpha constantly and they would just be leaving their game open to security flaws and if they were renting servers then the cost of the servers would also be there. Most people only played for a few hours anyhow, and the player count would still be low if they opened it up more, considering most people would not play constantly. They would play a few hours after a new update and stop playing shortly afterward.
  18. Beta Release

    Why Closed Alpha Weekends? (Dedicated Server uptime and Testing Playtimes) As an extension of the fact that the Closed Alpha weekends are a testing phase for the game, it’s very important that we let you know that there will be dedicated server uptimes for playing the game and the reasoning behind why this is the case. The core reason is that we need time between play sessions and weekends to analyse the stats & data over the weekend and use your feedback to improve the game during the week. This way you’ll actively be a part of the community driven development we always promised, seeing weekly changes, additions and updates. Another reason is that at no point during the Closed Alpha testing periods do we want testers to not be able to find others to play with. We currently have a list of Alpha Backers, Humble pre-purchasers and external testers to help us improve the game during these periods. We've purposefully aimed for our Alpha player ‘pool’ to be around a few thousand players, however this does not mean concurrent player counts will reach that during Alpha, in fact we expect concurrent player counts to be much lower. This is in fact good for the game as it allows us to get more quality feedback from the hardcore few! These concurrent players will make up the core of our hardcore testing community from weekend to weekend. We will be taking on board your feedback through the forums and our social channels and then implement changes during the week, ready for the next alpha play test weekend. i am fine with the current state of the game but i was expecting when i bought in for 60€ to play once a week or once every 2 weeks but now we have 2 wait often longer then 1month for 1 weekend
  19. Beta Release

    The fact that you mention Pansy as a positive thing for this game makes me even more worried
  20. Beta Release

    But they never specified the number of alpha weekends? They stated there would be alpha weekends with new changes and fixes and focuses for each weekend. Don't know where you got the idea of them being every weekend.
  21. Beta Release

    i hope they give us some rare skins and some other goodies since we payed 4x the early acces price - since they didnt stayed true to every weekend alpha i think it would be just fair
  22. Will there be a scope zoom sensitivity?

    mw2 vet here. have not seen this to either mw2 or cod4 to be honest, just on cs. lets hope bt44 will have it! =]]
  23. Beta Release

    Development schedules change. They've had an office flood earlier in the year, been going out to events like Gamescon, a dream hack event I'm pretty sure, and I was pretty sure I remember they went to an ESL event. These were the best part of a week for most of them, and they never promised weekly play testing, just that they would test on weekends. I couldn't see with a team their size them being able to add new weapons, maps ect or anything that would keep people interested. Across the three weekends I only played at two of them, 0.1 and 0.3 and I played for 6 or 7 hours at most. I was bored by that point, and only the most diehard testers would have played much more than they did during the weekends. There was one map, and a very small selection of weapons. If them left it open it would have cost money for the servers, and if you were able to play offline then there would have been security risks. The short testing periods each weekend allowed for concentrated and rapid testing of the game. You can even see how far the game has come with the balance, movement, optimization (even though there is a lot more room for improvement), and a lot of bugs were removed. I wouldn't have bothered playing it I knew the only change since the previous weekend was a fixed animation, or altered stats for weapons. In comparison the changes they put in were pretty good with weapons that they still haven't yet to show and they certainly have got maps which they haven't shown, they may use them, they may not considering how long ago it was that Phantasy said about them. I get that you're worried, but it's not just us who has tested the game. Several ESL casters like Pansy, machine and maybe some others (can't entirely remember who from the ESL looked at it) as well as COD 2 players, CS players as well as people such as Phantasy who went and tested it and gave advice.
  24. Beta Release

    I agree with you, when i backed the Alpha (65 euro) i expected to be able to play the alpha/game all the time maybe not online but atleast in offline/LAN mode, even BigTuneAlex thought we could but the changed their minds last minute for some reason (security i believe). It was a disappointment but atleast i thought we could play every weekend, but that changed to one weekend each month and only from 18:00 - 04:00 for only 2 days (which is way too short imo) And after 3 months and 3 alpha's we hear nothing from the devs about the next alpha weekend and we find out from a sketchy twitch interview we will probably wont be able to play the game for a long time? I know every negative post here towards the devs are being downvoted by white knights, but i cant hide the fact that i feel kinda dissapointed about the whole thing.
  25. Will there be a scope zoom sensitivity?

    im not sure if cod4 this feature has BUT im pretty sure battalion will have it
  26. Hello, Assuming that the game will of course support a developer's console, commands to mess with, cfg's etc etc, will there be a zoom sensitivity for when scoping in with the snipers? An example is zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse on csgo. Thanks in advanced, -tgrk!?
  27. Beta Release

    whats wrong with pink thompson's and sky blue kar98s? I mean do people actually care what color their opponents weapon is if it brings no stat advantages? Like that just sounds so stuck up, if a person wants a red weapon for what ever reason and there is a skin they can buy then its their choice, if you want yours to be authentic then you dont purchase 1, not required to do it yet the game still makes money from the people who do. Micro transactions are a way of life for video games these days if you haven't been living under a rock then it should be pretty obvious. The best ones offer skins and different customization options while the scumbag companies do things like give out weapons with stats and other things. Personally i cant wait to have my "sky blue kar98" because when i blow your head of you will know its me :), on a serous note, its easy money for the company, easy content for the players, and everyone should be happy as long as its not stat related, its 2017/2018 and these kind of things should be expected by now.
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