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  2. Hmm strange it was longer than one second haha. ill upload it to YouTube or something similar
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  4. If any one got a spare one lying around or wants to refund send me PM.
  5. The clip you uploaded was like 1second long.. we need a bit more than that
  6. Do you know the tools called ... "youtube" or "dailymotion" ? Then share the link.
  7. Bugger. Any suggestion on how to upload? i jsit uploaded via the reply on this thread straight from fraps folder
  8. You know the CoD games only last for a year now lol When the year is over the community once again split up between cod 2017 and cod 2018 That looks like a massive scale war simulation or something hahaha.. could be interesting
  9. call of duty , pc and multiplayer in the same sentence in 2017? are you mad?
  10. hellyeah keep nutrament alive with viper!
  11. The file wont play in mediaplayer or VLC....
  12. The only thing that can stop COD now is Battlefield 1944, with DICE bringing back BC1/BC2 destruction online. Personally, I don't normally do this but I'm buying the expensive steelbook pro version of COD WWII... I haven't even bought a regular edition COD since 2011.
  13. Thanks for the Info! Will give it ago later on this evening
  14. Yeah sorry for the lack on info, I am indeed very new to pc gaming so hard to use all the correct terms to describe stuff. Has anyone oke been able to view the gameplay I put up?
  15. I am sure we will have a D-Day Landing and Carentan maps through our modding community. Don't you all worry lol our Modders will not disappoint either!!!!
  16. not gonna lie, if there is a competitive side to a game....i usually ONLY play competitive because i see casual as a useless waste of time. Unless im trolling, practicing, or bsing with friends, i won't play casual. So ill see most of you on ranked soon enough make sure you stay outa my scope!!
  17. agreed they won't but those post usually end quickly and are quickly forgotten. I don't see a rule being made by saying "no stupid posts" but i understand your frustration
  18. i agree with this approach to a point but when you have newcomers asking questions like "where's the map from the KS" alarm bells should be ringing somewhere because questions like that do nothing for opening new discussions.
  19. i pay you
  20. thing is though, even the Devs have said this, that we should treat the newcomers with repeated questions with respect and answer those questions. Their reasoning, which i agree with, it opens up new discussion to old topics and it isn't a clutter to the previous post. So as much as we used to say "use the search bar", we should just keep our cool and answer the questions without hesitation. As per clarity, the topics that matter have (most likely) been saved by the Devs. Honestly there should be an option that instead of "following" a thread and getting a hell ton of notifications every time someone posts, there should be an ability to "favorite" the topic. That way you can go back to it without the search bar
  21. 250 pesos
  22. i want a key, can someone give me one? pls
  23. I used to have a WMO, moved on to a Zowie FK1 like a year ago. Not sure which one i prefer, both are fantastic. If the FK1 dies i'll probably move on to a ZA11.
  24. thanks for pointing this out but as you say, it needs updating anyway. FAQs should be a live document and not become a ancient historical text.
  25. FAQ was on forum "Question " and the website but in february due to differences between both FAQ, they removed the forum FAQ to link the website FAQ only : That said, the website FAQ should be updated. Tchoo tchoo train over !
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