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  2. It should always be a 1hit kill, only if you shoot in hes leg or arms it shouldnt be a 1hit kill.
  3. Aye that's good point some games have horrible reg, I'd be happy with shoulder upwards I guess if that's even possible 👍
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  5. Welcome aboard mate
  6. 1 Shot kill to the head 1 Shot kill to the upper chest
  7. I think Upper body, and headshots should be 1 shot kill. I play a lot of call of duty 1 and the reason I love 1 shot kill on that, is because the shot registry is so garbage. You'll aim at someone standing still and shoot them in the head and it will tag them, so it's just less annoying when it's 1 shot kill. This being a newer game, it would be cool to have it harder to get 1 shot kills, but still think upper chest should be 1 shot.
  8. No need for him to calm down. You are lucky the Devs are being soft.
  9. 1 shot kill if you hit the head and otherwise it's 2 hit's kill on the body seems fair other wise you will get more campers.
  10. Calm down doll
  11. Hi and Best Regards for everyone! A little bit about me. When I was 16, I started playing BF3 and quickly got into the e-sport community. I played 3 years in BF3, after this "ea" released a BF4... then I ended my e-sport dreams with battlefield. After this I had nice years with CS:GO, I was on few polish offline tournaments, but nothing more. Now I'm in Germany, I working here and I'm doing a online marketing. I Still searching this dream game - maybe Battalion1944 will be.
  12. Not sure it WILL come..
  13. CM Storm Quick fire rapid (cherry mx reds) Originally looked like this but I swapped out my keycaps with blank ones.
  14. CM Storm QuickFire XT with Cherry MX Blues. Simple, clean, and works fine. Had a Qpad MK-85 MX Reds and i do sort of miss the armrest but I was craving some MX Blues and i didn't have a ton of options with norwegian keyboard layout so i was a tad limited to choice. Originally wanted to go with a Ducky Shine 3 but as mentioned before, didn't have the layout i needed.
  15. I'm seeing A LOT of Corsair products in the replies. I was never one to buy big brands and expensive PC peripherals, but over the past 2 years I caved and have no regrets. I currently use the Corsair Gaming K95RGB Keyboard as shown below. 10/10 would recommend. Cherry MX Red as I don't like a loud clicking sound, but appreciate the feedback and gentle typing noise that goes with it. RGB just because it was my first decent keyboard. Though this purchase got me hooked and now I also have; Corsair 7.1 VOID RGB Headset & Corsair Gaming M65RGB Mouse
  16. That is the idea of the reach goal, from my understanding. They were "down the line" features that they aspire to include, but not on the list for any time soon. I am aware we are in Alpha 0.1 and that they have literally said they are focusing on competitive multiplayer first and foremost. I was just letting them know it WAS mentioned, so it WILL come (most likely, things change of course) but you are correct, it isn't currently in. That is why I said "This will mean bots" not "Yes it has bots". Though don't think we can talk about Alpha 0.1 outside the private section, can we?
  17. There was a poll by the devs, asking about a few factions. I am sure they intend to have a wide range, though the modding community are sure to beat them to the punch, realistically. Link below Also saw a few other discussions about similar factions (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) but not sure about Australian yet. Doubt the devs will include us in their game but I am sure Australian, New Zealand, Chinese, etc. will be added by modders ASAP. One thing I have noticed about modders is, as soon as they can do it, they WILL do it. If you ask for it, it will come. But the devs seem to have a similar view as well so maybe with some excessive shoving! haha Similar discussions:
  18. You know that goal is not reached right..? Doesn't say it will never come but it's far from priority right now.
  19. The Kickstarter mentioned the reach goal of a single player campaign. This will mean bots, but whether you can add bots to a multiplayer server or there will be a Coop campaign, I do not know. Would be great to hear the answer from someone who knows about those aspects.
  20. I'm also quite keen to get my hands on the build for modding in UE4 Editor, as is @PGL_Thrillzyy who wishes to learn how more about game dev. I expect this is not a priority for them and with so many dramatic changes coming to the game as it goes through development, it may be wiser to wait until it slows down a bit, but I am sure they are eager to get it out there for us. I will be staying tuned as well!
  21. keep this information to the alpha-private-discussion forum or you're breaking the NDA
  22. Welcome aboard
  23. COD4 damage was perfect imo
  24. Summer’69 is a pc gaming clan primarily involved in First Person Shooters but do branch out into other games sometimes. We have been around since the old 1999 Medal of Honour days and pride ourselves in playing fair , respecting other players of all abilities and are very firmly against any form of cheating !! We are made up of mature members who believe in having fun and having good banter whilst gaming. (Don't mention anything about nades to If you feel like you would fit in and would like to become part of our clan , pop onto our forum and register and come on to our TeamSpeak. Wesite can be found here Steam page Facebook page
  25. Welcome @SMSuchy
  26. Welcome guys!!! Played the Alpha test on Friday eve. Good stuff , looking forward to the next stage of testing. Keep up the good work.
  27. newcomers !
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