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  3. Well you are right. They did give equal chance to everyone when they sold it on humble. Lets wait if Dev's are ready to expand circle. But we feel left out nothing else. Well i do wait eagerly for playing this game
  4. And if the hype begins to grow, the people who will discover the game will judge it on what they will see.
  5. Restricting access does nothing in this case.... The people who want to purchase into this game are the ones who watched the early pre alpha footage and were impressed enough to want to buy into it and test it, clearly they arent going to complain about the graphics. At the end of the day, you dont have to let people into the pre alpha tests, you can open up the supporter packages and let them buy into the up coming closed beta, or open alpha what ever direction they will go if its for the purpose of limiting how many testers are in pre alpha. Like i said before, getting the cash out of people who are excited NOW and who want to support it NOW is by far the best way to go in terms of getting the funding needed to make sure this game has proper support to get it of the ground. At this stage of the game, i think its fair to say that most people will be wanting to play knowing its a pre alpha and are simply looking to get their thirst quenched a tad while we wait for further updates.
  6. You can't differentiate them, but you can restrict the access to a small group of people.
  7. Welcome to Battalion 1944! I remember you in cod1, my nickname was Sura.
  8. And how do you differentiate between people who don't know what real alpha or beta is ? or who does ? psychic abilities ?
  9. Today many people do not understand what is really an alpha or a beta, and they make an opinion based on it. and they will potentially not play the game once release, while this one will still evolve, and be better. So, I don't think it's a good idea to let everyone play at this stage of development, even if they pay for it.
  10. I want to get email when he opens that store coz I want to buy it at any cost
  11. i mean its hardly players fault's anymore if they think alpha or beta is more of a finished product then it actually is since 90% of all these "tests" are like demo's or pre releases, which is why a lot of people expect more from alphas and betas. At the end of the day, they can and should sell more supporter packages, even if it does not result in giving players access to the up coming alpha tests, but something like a closed beta or beta just to have the funding as early as possible.
  12. Of course. They only need to look out for those 'Oh-it's-in-closed-alpha-so-it's-definitely-playable AF-and-if-it-isnt-ill-just-post-ridiculous-bullshit-on-teh-internetz-type-of-noobs'.
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  14. there was a video with Joe Brammer talking about that he is pushing to give more chances for people to get in at 3:50 Which makes sense, i mean if people want to throw money at your game, im not sure why you would prevent them from doing so when there are so many games coming out that will suck up peoples money on other things(such as cod).
  15. You can't play at the moment due to game being in closed alpha phase. Officially in Steam Early Access at the earliest. However there are some rumors you'll be able to buy your access into alpha soon. Nothing confirmed yet tho. Personally, i doubt it but if it's true then good for you and all the ppl looking for a key
  16. i have seen this game by videos on youtube but i want to know how i can play .... I really like this game and i'd like to be supporter!
  17. from the uk got a couple of people to play this with already when the closed beta comes out if anyone else wants to join lemme know
  18. Any of you guys on xbox live? maybe thinking about doing a game night for forum members. Give us a chance to frag and catch up before BAT44 is released. Let me know soldiers.
  19. aloha there and welcome
  20. Great to hear, followed your stream quite a bit last year.
  21. If the game is being made in unreal 4 then it will surely look pretty awesome when its finished. But yeah as long the playability of the game is bang on and tight as then I'm sure we will live. Just make it better than cs please.
  22. TBF I think the main issue is the cods devs having their thumbs jambed so far up their asses it blocked out their vision. Some of absolute shite i've seen over the last few years (and cod gamers have seen some f#$king shit over the years) is beyond belief. They had the fps market locked up and failed, massively. since MW3 (which itself was a semi skimmed version of mw2) we've been shat on again and again. All for the sake of a profit. Not to mention the way they treated pc gamers. miserable. The worst part is people kept on buying the games, should have been a mass boycott and maybe we would have seen cod ww2 a lot sooner. All the devs have to do here is the opposite of the cod devs, easiest business model ever.
  23. oh its c9 grego. I played in a server with you during alpha. I'm hoping NA can set up scrims and stuff soon but I assume that isn't for a while
  24. MOHAA <3 Literally my childhood from like 11 to 17. Game was amazing (sniper only here). The lean won't be as extreme as it was in MOHAA. Think similar to Call of Duty 2 and 4
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  26. He's KIND OF right, it doesn't if the game forces players to load all textures first (downside long load times) if the game has texture streaming (which most do) then it loads them on the fly (downside, fps lag when loading textures bigger than VRAM or using too much VRAM) Also; I don't really care about this thread because players can customise their colors in Battalion anyway. Your mistake is thinking old school is having bright colors, when actually old school is allowing players to control their colors as long as there are no game play advantages and its purely personal preference. Joe
  27. I agree with you for the most part, but even though cod is returning to its roots, its still just a shell of what it used to be, at least from PC's perspective. I am amazed that activision has not yet capitalized on the E sports market and made a proper competitive mod for call of duty players to play on(similar to promod) in which you can actually have an E sport vs 2 shot smgs with lazer beams on it from across the map because the damage is insane and not optimized for E sports. I hope this game (BAT44) can capitalize on cod's mistakes, and then take it one step further and grab the E sports market not only by its gameplay but hopefully something like cs is doing with skins where people just have to keep buying boxes to open up, which fuels the devs to keep constant updates coming in and hosting tournaments which keeps the hype at the tippytop. Hopefully this game can merge multiple people who are left out on the edge of most fps games and want that E sports experience, hopefully the support will be there as it basically is a must for this game to survive.
  28. Finally after years in the wilderness it looks like fps games are back on track. What with BAT44, Cod returning to its roots and BF1 its nice to see devs are starting to listen to what the majority of the community wanted. For far too long we have been force fed absolute s#&t, cash in after cash in shoveled at us, grasping desperately for our money while not willing to fill their games with content worth 10 seconds of your time and even less of your hard earned cash.(see advanced warfare for god) What I've always liked about this game and why I know it will succeed is the over whelming dedication shown by the devs here to deliver a game the gamers want. A back to basics ww2 shooter. From the ground up this game is being built around ideas we all had and shared with devs who like ourselves are sick to death of f#&king ray guns and exosuits. Thats not what we signed up for. All I can say is well done guys and girls. This game is shaping up to be an instant classic and it was easy decision to back it. Godspeed and good luck.
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