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  2. Price Strategy

    A lot of people can't afford a €50 game. That's obvious. Such a high price tag would put me off as well for most games, but not for Battalion. On a wider scale if you look at PS4/Xbox1, that's how much they have to pay for a new game and even more in most cases. I am not saying how much Battalion should or shouldn't cost on each platform and region because speculating it would be pointless. Honestly, I would be surprised if it costs more than €30. Anyway, it's not me nor you who decides that. We decide whether we buy the product or not. Keep in mind not every studio can afford to run a F2P game and be able to sustain itself long term. And F2P FPS games are flooded with cheaters. I personally wouldn't pay €30/€40/€50 just for any game, PC or console unless it was already a hit or has long term potential something we all hope Battalion is about, it's a unique project, something promising. People have different ways of how they spend money on games, someone might prefer to buy 5 different games for €10 rather than one for €40-50 that's their choice. Nobody is forcing you to spend your savings on a game. You can spend them as you wish.
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  4. What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    What's that? You mean a Battle Royal game mode? I don't really see something like that working in BAT44.
  5. Fan club / page

    What are your future plans with this page? I only see things which the developers post on twitter. You could advertise the public Battalion Discord server perhaps? Or make the forum a bit more known? A few ideas for when the NDA lifts/the game is released: Make your own short, simple videos about game updates Let people send you footage of fails/great plays and gather them in weekly or monthly videos Advertise LANS which host Battalion (partner up with some of the bigger names? Do a key giveaway once the game is in Early Access? I'll attract more people! Try to do some interviews with Bulkhead Interactive. That would be f*cking sweet. Don't advertise Days of War! (I lol'd) Anyway, I somehow unliked this page. I thumbed it up again. Good luck with your page.
  6. Your age?

    21 in october
  7. Haha! But Deathrun, Zombie mods, Gun Game, Hunger games ... would all be great fun
  8. Battalion's community health

    Buying into alpha and Beta is probably a no go. As far I read trough the other posts, I think the earliest you can get your hands on the game will be with EA (early access) on steam.
  9. Fan club / page

  10. Price Strategy

    Spoken like a true first world person. Yes, after spending 2 years saving up for a PC, I will not give away the savings I make in a month or two for a game. Also chances are people are not only invested in battalion, they might want to buy and play something else too. So yeah, some people can't afford 50e for a game.
  11. Price Strategy

    so you say they could afford a decent PC which costs a few/several hundreads of Euros but could not afford a game which would cost €30-50? but yeh, the price strategy is important indeed. Bulkhead would probably have to hit the ideal sweetspot to make enough money to sutain themselves long term and keep the game going with patches/updates/reworks/changes/events etc and still profit but also make it affordable and less off putting for casual gamers because they will make up the majority of the player base.
  12. What about the maps

    this ^ the fact that we will be able to create maps and if they're good enough and balanced they could make it to the official map pool. The options will be vast. Whether we're talking fun public/practice servers or competitive map pool. You could always use maps from the past as an inspiration to create a new original map.
  13. Greetings

  14. HI ! I'm Florentde !

    on board Florentde
  15. Ladders/tournaments Competition

    I would absolutely support this and you might look at selling your product to http://www.teamwarfare.com. They are working on rebuilding their site after a total database failure and are starting from the ground up.
  16. Hey all, Carnivore from Tactical Carnage Gaming. I wanted to drop in and let everyone know we will be supporting Battalion 1944 and are looking for players 18+ (prefer 21+) to join our community and team. We will be supporting at least one, and possibly two competitive teams for the game and will also have dedicated servers if they are made available. We welcome you to check us out online at http://www.tacticalcarnage.org. We currently play two other FPS titles together along with a host of other games. If it's community you're looking for - look no further than =TC=!
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  18. Battalion's community health

    The ACTIVE people are active on the "private Alpha forum" (like Ryan said).. no-one is fading away
  19. D - DAY MAP

    We are still testing the "mechanics".. hold on, it will come!
  20. Fan club / page

    I don't have facebook (hou niet van vleesboek)... luckily But I'm a HUGE fan!
  21. Your age?

    That's not an age.. you know that
  22. Battalion's community health

    Just did, thank you!
  23. Battalion's community health

    PM @[CM] BigTuna and he'll work this out for you! I tried inviting someone last week, but the link was expired, so I guess he'll have to invite you manually.
  24. D - DAY MAP

    I've seen a question about this map on Twitter and Howard replied with "We are working on it". I don't really know why people are already asking about this since the game is in very early alpha stage. It'll come.. don't worry.
  25. Battalion's community health

    I sure hope so! Where can I find this Discord link?
  26. Battalion's community health

    No worries. I'm sure the alpha will be over in a few months. They're making great progress. Anyway, welcome. Check Discord like the rest said. This community ain't dead! In fact... It's growing. ^^
  27. Battalion's community health

    Ouch... haha
  28. Battalion's community health

    I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Your best hope will be that they might allow you to buy into beta.
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