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The home for all tactical players/teams/clans. If you are looking for a Tactical team/clan or to just play on tactical servers, feel free to join us in this group (no need for an invitation)

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  2. BrothersChris

    Date Required

    Nearly a year from (EA) release, official release is 2019 WTF is going on, anyone know?
  3. Tues Dec 4 @ 7pm Eastern, We are inviting everyone to come play on 509th Tactical #2 Battalion 1944 Server. The AMI clan will be joining us along with anyone else that would like to play. Game types are Domination, Capture the Flag and TDM. It will be fun, come and join! Strafe Jumping, bunny hopping, jumping corners, jumping to avoid being shot will get you kicked. This is a tactical realism server and we will be enforcing this, so keep your boots on the ground and fight like like you have a pair. We expect everyone to follow the rules and those that don't will be kicked.
  4. BrothersChris

    Date Required

    Hi DOES ANYONE HAVE AN INCLINE TO WHEN THE MOD TOOLS WILL BE RELEASED? Had a look the other day and 17, yes 17 people were playing this game. I know it is still 8 months from release, but what a release it would be if mod tools were released in time to build mods and maps. Still potentially an amazing game - we need mods!!!!!! Chris
  5. Hi All I thought I'd post because it has been a bit quite lately. I'm sure we're all still excited about what mods will do for us. What the TR community require is Mod tools release date, not Q2, Q3, blah blah blah A DATE! Until the date is released or they release them in secret while were all asleep, unfortunately most clans as we will be, are non existent in this game. Let the Mod tool gods be with us. My mod tools prediction release date: Thursday 23 August 2018 - I'd like it to be Thursday 5th April as this is the first week in q2. Chris