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About This Club

The home for all tactical players/teams/clans. If you are looking for a Tactical team/clan or to just play on tactical servers, feel free to join us in this group (no need for an invitation)

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  2. Tues Dec 4 @ 7pm Eastern, We are inviting everyone to come play on 509th Tactical #2 Battalion 1944 Server. The AMI clan will be joining us along with anyone else that would like to play. Game types are Domination, Capture the Flag and TDM. It will be fun, come and join! Strafe Jumping, bunny hopping, jumping corners, jumping to avoid being shot will get you kicked. This is a tactical realism server and we will be enforcing this, so keep your boots on the ground and fight like like you have a pair. We expect everyone to follow the rules and those that don't will be kicked.
  3. BrothersChris

    Date Required

    Hi DOES ANYONE HAVE AN INCLINE TO WHEN THE MOD TOOLS WILL BE RELEASED? Had a look the other day and 17, yes 17 people were playing this game. I know it is still 8 months from release, but what a release it would be if mod tools were released in time to build mods and maps. Still potentially an amazing game - we need mods!!!!!! Chris
  4. We are playing tomorow (05/04/2018) around 20h30/20h45 CET. Our server is not displayed on server browser ingame. To join us you have to use console game with this command : connect Cheers.
  5. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Date Required

    This game needs mod tools urgently, otherwise it will be just like all the other FPS games out there with a short shelf life.....
  6. 509thTactical

    Tactical TDM Server. Rifles only

    yeah, I just wanted to create a server for just tactical crouch players to go play, keeping the server insulated from the general chaos via password.
  7. 509thTactical

    Date Required

    yeah, I would like to see something more concrete regarding a date. Waiting for mod tools feels like I'm watching grass grow.
  8. Hi All I thought I'd post because it has been a bit quite lately. I'm sure we're all still excited about what mods will do for us. What the TR community require is Mod tools release date, not Q2, Q3, blah blah blah A DATE! Until the date is released or they release them in secret while were all asleep, unfortunately most clans as we will be, are non existent in this game. Let the Mod tool gods be with us. My mod tools prediction release date: Thursday 23 August 2018 - I'd like it to be Thursday 5th April as this is the first week in q2. Chris
  9. [NGBC]CH_SwissWolf

    Tactical TDM Server. Rifles only

    I would probably join the server sometimes. It is always funny and it could be a good way to make practice.
  10. <82ndAB>MG.Ieuan

    Tactical TDM Server. Rifles only

    Sounds like fun, always enjoyed rifles only..... Reminds me of the K98 only battles we used to have in COD2.....fun!
  11. Soldat Ryan

    Tactical TDM Server. Rifles only

    i share the information to my partners
  12. Fella's, I Just wanted to drop a friendly invite to all that want to play tactical. The 509th #2 Server is a TDM server with rifles only, no automatics. Server IP is pw 509. Passworded to keep non-tactical style players out and provide a place for all of us to play for the time being. Feel free to stop in anytime. Respectfully Ryan
  13. Clan Name: 1st Infantry Division Clan Website: fightingfirst.enjin.com (under construction) Contact(steam): http://steamcommunity.com/id/paint360/ or http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998989308/ Voice: https://discord.gg/4aPaPV
  14. Issue resolved. Seemed to be an issue with the new defaultgame.ini file from the 15th February update. Did not update on server's end and there were mismatched lines and cvars in it when I compared the two. Issue resolved
  15. 509thTactical

    [509th] Tactical Gaming

    Same here! We are all in on this title!
  16. [NGBC]CH_SwissWolf

    [509th] Tactical Gaming

    Hi, nice to see you here. I'm surly glad to have some others tactical friends on this game
  17. [NGBC]CH_SwissWolf

    Your though about tactical steam group

    +1 It would give us, tactical players, more visibility and who say more visibility say more "attention"
  18. Hello Everyone, We are for sure looking forward to the potential that this game has for the TR Community. We hope to see you guys on our server/discord soon. -GA- Website: http://ghostarmy.site.nfoservers.com -GA- Discord: https://discord.gg/qB9eEVs -GA- Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gatc18 -GA- Battalion 1944 Server IP:
  19. Clan Name: Ghost Army Clan Clan Website: ghostarmy.site.nfoservers.com Contact(steam): http://steamcommunity.com/id/gamer0795/ or http://steamcommunity.com/id/thunderchicken88/ Voice: https://discord.gg/qB9eEVs
  20. Well prior to the update, with the changed load outs, everything functioned properly. Ill revert to the default and to test. If that doesn’t resolve it I would say it’s something config wise or game server file wise that is broken.
  21. Soldat Ryan

    Tactical Servers list

    List updated
  22. Hi guys, I think to create a "Tactical" group on Steam for battalion in the same spirit of this club : to regroup teams and players. All players are not following the website but all players are on Steam. Just like the club, each team leader (or a representative member) will get administrator power. What do you think ? Good idea ? bad idea ?
  23. No problem with the bomb on my server. We are able to plant/defuse. That's strange. This is the only thing which doesn't work ? If i m right you change your laodout. You should check in this direction too. May be something wrong with new files and old (don't know if they change them) - just an idea.
  24. 509thTactical

    Who will be playing TR in Bat 1944

    Clan Name: [509th] Tactical Gaming Clan Website: http://www.509th.net Contact(steam): [509] Ryan Email: goa@509th.net Voice: 509th Teamspeak pw Epsilon
  25. 509thTactical

    Working With TR rules

    List of our rules straight out of the 509th S.O.P. 1. Running In general, we DO NOT ALLOW running on our servers. Running is ONLY allowed as a defensive action in certain situations such as: Evading enemy fire Evading an enemy grenade Crossing roads and open outdoor areas that have no cover or concealment, or across bridges or other outdoor areas that cause you to be a "sitting" duck. Abusing run is a form of poor sportsmanship and will get you warned, kicked, or banned. There is NEVER to be ANY running while inside buildings, traversing down streets or along alleyways (unless you are evading fire/nades). No running to get back into the firefight! Always remember that running is a DEFENSIVE action (run for cover), not an OFFENSIVE action (run and shoot). 2. Jumping Jumping from 2nd story heights or greater is PROHIBITED. Jumping to avoid fire (Bunny Hopping) is also prohibited. If you jump from an area and take damage, that jump is prohibited. Jumping to shoot is prohibited. Jumping to cross through archways, doorways, holes in the wall etc. is prohibited. 3. Use of Iron Sights You must fire your weapon from a raised position, using your sights. Shooting from the hip is prohibited. As an emergency use only, such as when you turn the corner (in crouch) and an enemy is there, hip firing may occur. We understand it happens in these emergency situations and we frown upon it. If you happen to hip fire, we request you type an apology, and continue on playing. Failure to use your Iron Sights and failure to apologize for doing it, may get you warned, kicked or banned. Constant walking with sights up is prohibited only if you can move faster in that position than in crouch. 4. Team Killing We have Friendly-fire enabled on our servers, so if you accidentally kill a teammate by any fashion, the required etiquette is to type out an apology using in-game text chat. A dead player will not be able to hear a verbal apology until he re-spawns, so a text/written apology is required to leave you in good standing. Failure to apologize for team killing or deliberate/malicious team killing may get you warned, kicked, or banned. 5. Ledging Window Ledging/Leaning is allowed Wall Ledging (aka walking on thin building ledges) is strictly prohibited. This is map glitch exploitation and you may get kicked or banned. 6. Spawn Killing In general, you are NOT ALLOWED to kill spawn. However, depending on the game-type there are certain circumstances where spawn killing is allowed. DOMINATION - Spawn Killing is ALLOWED at any time. Shoot anything that moves! CAPTURE THE FLAG/BACK - You are ALLOWED to kill spawn only as a necessary means to enable you or your team to advance toward an objective (capture/recovery of either flag, score, prevent enemy from scoring) and as a means of self-defense for you or a team member in close proximity to the spawn point. You must be advancing toward the objective. You are never compelled to advance to your certain death into a hornets' nest of enemy spawn. You are also never compelled to back off from an objective due to enemy spawn getting in the way. Fight your way through to reach the objective! However, if you are not within close proximity to the spawn yourself, you are NOT ALLOWED to shoot the enemy spawn from a distance unless you are stopping the enemy from capturing/recovering either flag or from scoring, or your team members (who are in close proximity to the spawn) need cover in pursuit of an objective. Killing spawn when no team objective is served is NOT ALLOWED. You may defend yourself, defend a flag, or cover your advancing team. If you choose to simply kill and completely ignore the objectives, then you MUST THROW SMOKE AND BACK OFF THE SPAWN. Otherwise, your spawn killing is unjustified and you are merely trying to rack up kills. This action is vehemently frowned upon and will get you kicked or banned. Additionally, if your team has possession of both flags OR your team has possession of the opponents flag, you MUST CLEAR AWAY from the enemy flag post area and their spawn by falling back with your team. You may be kicked for hanging around if you remain. This allows the enemy to spawn in a safe area, and also serves to prevent a rapid flag re-capture after scoring. TEAM DEATHMATCH and ALL OTHER GAME TYPES - Spawn Killing is NOT ALLOWED. If you encounter a spawning enemy player, you are to toss smoke and back off. By the same token, if you spawn in front of an enemy player, and you see that they are trying hard to run or back away to allow you to live, as a courtesy, please give them time to find cover. If you camp the spawns or kill a courteous retreater from your spawn, you will be kicked or banned. However, in any circumstance where a spawning player engages you (aims to fire), you may return fire. So remember, if you spawn and take aim to shoot the enemy you are thus considered a legal target yourself, so don't complain if you die as a result. 7. Explosives, Sentry Guns, and Perks on Targets/Objectives The following rule will apply on ALL 509th Servers and adapted for each game depending on which explosives or perks are available. ** Explosives or similar devices CAN ONLY be placed in such a way that they do not impede the enemy from taking an objective, at the location of the objective** This means no bombs, betties, trip wires are to be planted on flag posts or objectives that would kill enemy that in are in the process of actually taking the flag or taking an objective. These devices must be placed in a way that does not kill the enemy when they are actually “taking the flag” or capturing a point, at the site of the flag or objective point. If any device is placed in a way that breaks this rule...they will be destroyed/removed from the target/objective area and a warning will be issued. Excessive warnings may equal kick or ban. 8. Cheats/Hacks Hacks/Cheats are NEVER allowed. You will be kicked and possibly banned for using them. If you are unsure if what you have is a cheat or hack, ask first before using it. Exploiting map glitches falls into this category. If you find a map glitch, report it immediately and refrain from exploiting it. You may be kicked or banned for exploiting glitches. If you suspect a player of hacking, notify a [509th] member in PRIVATE. Ask them to go to spectator mode and let them know privately. DO NOT accuse players publicly of cheating or hacking. Inform a 509th member instead, and we will take care of it. 9. Outside Recruiting We at the [509th] shall never try to recruit new players or members on another clan's server. Members found doing this on another server will be discharged from the unit. Visitors found doing this on our servers will be banned immediately. Any clan wishing to invite [509th] members to their server should post in our forums, not in-game. The 509th will always extend the same courtesy to your clan. 10. Sportsmanship Trash Talking and foul language is not tolerated. Friendly banter and joking between friends is OK, but flat out taunting or ridiculing "You got owned", "Noob", etc. is not tolerated. Respect will be given to ALL visitors on our server, and we expect the same courtesy returned to us. Before you enter our servers please be aware that we do not tolerate ego's or attitude's from anyone. We own these servers and you are our guests, but like in any other community service, if you act like a child you will be treated like a child, and if this is the case you will be removed from the server. If you continue to display poor sportsmanship you may be banned depending on the severity of your incident. 11. Language The [509th] does it's best to be a clean, respectful, and orderly unit. We try to run a clean server, and this includes language. Inflammatory slurs and language will NOT be tolerated. This INCLUDES your in game name. Swear words or curse words are not to be used in our server. Remember that the games are enjoyed by ALL ages. There are many useful adjectives in the English language that are not curse words. Try them out, and expand your vocabulary. There are an infinite number of ways to make your point without swearing. The general rule of thumb would be to think of the [509th] servers as having a PG13 rating. People using bad language in our server will be warned. Repeat offenders may be kicked, or even banned. In cases where a [509th] member is caught engaging in such actions, punitive actions will result, which could include a discharge from the unit. 12. Conduct We expect everyone to treat ALL visitors to our servers with respect. This respectful conduct also applies to [509th] members visiting other servers. Ghosting is prohibited. There shall be absolutely NO ARGUING WITH A 509TH MEMBER on our servers. You are a guest on our servers. If you are asked to do something by a member, please do it! If you are asked to stop then stop. Immediate compliance is required. If there is a disagreement, initially please defer to the ruling by the 509th member on duty at the time (even if you think you he or she is incorrect). To resolve any issues or conflict, please make a post in our forums (privately to an admin) or ask to speak with an admin on TeamSpeak if one is available. We will NOT tolerate whining, complaining, or bickering in the unit or from our visitors. A fair decision will always be reached by the officers regarding any disputes between our members or with visiting players. We expect all guests in our TeamSpeak to actually be playing on 509th game servers and/or with 509th members. 13. Pistols and Perks PISTOLS are only to be used INDOORS. You MAY NOT walk around with your pistol as a primary weapon. You MAY NOT shoot out of a building to kill an enemy outside of the building ("Building" as defined will be anytime you are “Under Cover” so a building, cave, tunnel, etc ) PLEASE USE YOUR PRIMARY WEAPON! DUAL PISTOLS are NEVER ALLOWED on 509th Servers. 14. Enjoy yourself! Above all ...Have fun, and play fair. If you have questions, feel free to contact me!