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Team Elev4tion

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About Team-Elev4tion The elev4tion gaming team was founded by Johan de Jong and Sp[i]ker in 2006 to help support talented up-and-coming players. The aspiration of the team was to create one of the worlds leading Call of Duty 1 teams and when Stijn “reloadZ” van Baal replaced Spiker the team quickly rose as one of the leading teams in the game. After that Johan ventured in to Starcraft 2 where he started “Imagine That” until RG Esports recruited him as a manager of their professional SC2 team. He brought together a team consisting of the Warcraft 3 legend Fury and Cytoplasm. In 2017 sNrklhaai recreated team elev4tion with focus on building a strong esports team. Currently team elev4tion has teams in three different games, PUBG, CS GO and CoD 1 where they are also hosting a tournament. The CS GO team is lead by newly recruited tALSE while the captain of the PUBG team is rat1oN.

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