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502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment

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About This Club

The 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment defines itself as a Military Simulation Unit or MILSIM. We are focusing our portrayal during the time frame of World War II when the Allies were fighting within Europe against the Axis Forces. We are defined as a MILSIM unit due to our methods of training, discipline, logistics, and how we operate in terms of the back end "paperwork" administration. For example, we utilize a realistic World War II Ranking Structure of the United States Army during 1942-1946 as well as an award system that was utilized during that time frame as well. The only adjustments that have been made are that the award system criteria for earning awards and citations has been adjusted to fit the criteria that we are limited to from an online game. We aim to provide quality public community engagement through event hosting, high unit visibility and being a respected group within the game communities we are in. We consistently keep our motto of "Quality over Quantity" in everything that we do in and out of game.

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    February 8, 2018

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